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Honors Program: Syllabi of Current and Past Courses

Program Structure


  • Fall I—Honors First-Year Seminar (HON 100)
    • Fall 2012, Co-taught by Dr. Eric Eller, Associate Professor of International Business, and Dr. Katrina Farren-Eller, Assistant Professor of English
  • Fall II—Honors Arts & Humanities (HON 110)
    • Fall 2012, Co-taught by Dr. John Grummel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Dr. Roland Vazquez, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • Fall 2013, Co-taught by Dr. Doug McReynolds, Bissell Professor of English, and Dr. Sarahh Scher, Assistant Professor of Art
  • Spring I—Honors Behavioral Science (HON 120)
    • Spring 2013, Co-taught by Dr. Sarahh Scher, Assistant Professor of Art History, and Dr. Steffanie Scholze, Assistant Professor of Psychology.
  • Spring II—Honors Natural Science (HON 130)
    • Spring 2013, Co-taught by Dr. Jeff Butikofer, Associate Professor of Environmental Science, and Dr. Rick Klann, Professor of Biology

Sophomore Year (tentative)

  • One required course per semester.
  • One optional, elective, service learning travel course during May term

Junior and Senior Years (tentative)

  • Working on a interdisciplinary project under the guidance of at least two professors from different disciplines, culminating in a Senior Symposium presentation of the completed project to the UIU community.