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Fayette Campus Financial Aid

Am I eligible for financial aid for Fayette Campus courses?

Students seeking financial aid must be officially accepted to Upper Iowa University, be degree seeking, and be enrolled at least half-time for Federal Student Aid (FSA) purposes. Students registered in 12 hours per each 16-week enrollment period (semester) are considered to be at full-time status.

The FAFSA must be completed each year a student attends for eligibility to be determined. Students must complete their financial aid file to be eligible for aid. For financial aid purposes, the financial aid year begins with Fall Semester and ends with Spring Semester.

Qualifying degree seeking students can receive financial aid in one program of choice per enrollment period. Prior enrollments must not overlap new enrollment periods for FSA purposes. Students may be enrolled for concurrent enrollment periods, however for FSA purposes, the choice must be made by the student which program enrollment they want financial aid eligibility awarded.

Students who are pursuing a second Bachelor's degree may qualify for student loan funds only depending upon where their first degree was earned and what type of degree (BA or BS) they received. UIU will confer only one degree of a type. For example, if a UIU graduate earned a BA and would like to come back for a BS, the student would be eligible for loan funds. If a graduate earned a BA from UIU and would like to come back to UIU for a second BA due to changing their major, the student would not qualify for loan funds because the degree has already been conferred. However, if a student earned their first Bachelor's at another institution (BA or BS) and would like to come to UIU for a second degree (BA or BS), the student would qualify for loan funds because this is a new UIU degree.

What types of financial aid are available to Fayette students?

Gift Aid: 

Work Opportunity:


Veterans' Benefits

Upper Iowa University is approved by the Department of Education of the State of Iowa to certify qualifying students to receive veterans' benefits.

For additional information on applying for veterans' benefits, changing the place of training or how courses are certified, contact the Veterans' Administration certifying official at the program office. It is extremely important to indicate at the time of registration that the course needs to be certified for veterans' benefits.

Upper Iowa University will also notify the Veterans Administration of any change in status including administrative withdrawal or withdrawal from a course. With a change in status, the student may be required to refund benefits. Student reimbursement will be calculated by the VA and is determined separately than any eligible refund under Upper Iowa University's policy.

Iowa National Guard Education Benefits

These benefits are currently available to Guard members. Applications should be submitted on or before July 1 (through the Iowa Financial Aid Application) of the academic year a student is applying for. Applicants are not required to complete the FAFSA.

Important Dates to Remember

January 1

New FAFSA becomes available for the upcoming financial aid year

March 1

Priority Deadline for FAFSA completion

June 30

FAFSA filing deadline for Iowa Tuition Grant

 For specific dates for the academic school year, click here.



Last Updated 7/10/15