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Graduate Financial Aid

Am I eligible for financial aid for Graduate courses?

Students seeking financial aid must be officially accepted to Upper Iowa University, be degree seeking, and be enrolled at least half-time for Federal Direct Loan funding. The FAFSA must be completed each year a student attends for eligibility to be determined. Students must complete their financial aid file to be eligible for aid. Students enrolled in 6 credit hours for the semester are considered full-time. Students enrolled in 3 credits per semester are considered enrolled as half-time.

The chart below explains how the 6 terms (eight weeks) align into semesters.

Fall Semester 

Spring Semester 

Summer Semester

Term 1  |  Term 2  Term 3  |  Term 4 Term 5  |  Term 6

What types of financial aid are available to Graduate students?

How will I receive my financial aid?

Funding will be credited to student accounts by the end of the fourth week of each semester for students who have accepted an award package two weeks prior to the start of the term/semester for which you are enrolled. Students seeking Federal Direct Loan funding must complete the borrower entrance counseling and/or the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) to be eligible for disbursement. Funding will be used toward tuition and fees. Once the account balance is paid in full, any excess funds will be sent to Higher One for student access by the end of the fifth week of the term.

For students enrolled in one term of the semester, funding will be credited to your student account by the end of the fourth week for the term that you are enrolled.

Do I have to do anything special to receive and keep my financial aid package?

Students must be enrolled at least half-time for the semester to be eligible for Federal Direct Student loan funds. Minimum enrollment standards for the semesters will be as follows:

• Full-time: 6 credit hours per semester
• 1/2-time: 3 credit hours per semester

Is there assistance for purchasing textbooks?

Book charge IDs are available to students who meet the following criteria:

    • Are registered for courses for the upcoming enrollment period (semester). Students choosing to use the Book charge option should purchase textbooks for the semester.
    • Have a completed financial aid file.
    • Have an accepted award via NetPartner.

Students who are eligible for a book charge ID will receive an email via their peacocks email. Students must purchase textbooks through the UIU Book Store to utilize the book charge ID option. Students who choose to use the book charge ID option will have the textbook charges added to the balance due for the enrollment period (semester) and the charges will be deducted from any funds that are applied to their student account before any overpayment of funds is released via the Blue Peacock card process.



Last Updated 7/8/14