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Jessica Dunlap

"The best thing about being a sociology major is that the sociology professors are very passionate about teaching it. They make what could be very boring and repetitive, interesting and they challenge students to not just learn it for the sake of earning a grade, but to actually understand it. They apply the concepts and theories to real life and current events which makes them easier to understand. The materials and resources available are also very helpful. "

Jessica Dunlap
Class of 2013
Sociology Major

The purpose of the study of sociology is to develop an understanding of human relationships, and to acquire the ability to apply this knowledge in future career settings, as well as in any other situation in everyday life. Course work focuses on two levels of analysis to give a balanced perspective on social action: first, from the perspective of the individual who must interact with others within the social structures of modern society; second, from the perspective of the social system with its institutionalized properties and elements. Further consideration is given to the social factors and groups which contribute to the creation, as well as the resolution, of current social problems.

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