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"I came to UIU as a transfer student from the Malaysia campus in pursuit of a different perspective for my main major of psychology. I chose this major because I wanted to gain a better understanding of people and their behaviors, with a career in the helping professions in mind. Here at UIU, I had knowledgeable professors who made lessons interesting as well as relevant. They were always ready to share their experiences in the field, and to give helpful advice whenever I sought it. Classes are small so a lot of focus is directed towards the students, which was wonderful because most lessons require frequent interaction and discussion between the professors and students. We were encouraged to speak our mind, open up with our opinions and help others that need it. I was also allowed flexibility in my major; by mixing up the subjects I was taking, I had a chance to explore different areas of psychology and I was introduced the various opportunities. I have also been very lucky to experience what I have been learning first-hand by interning with a social service agency, where I have been working in the area of substance abuse prevention and crime victim counseling. Being in this field of study also helped me grow and discover more about myself as a person, as well as the people around me, so I guess I put some of my learning to practice! This major has helped me find where my interests lie; I learned about the realities of being in the field and got to explore the different areas the major encompassed. All of that has just made me more passionate about what I am learning and what I will intend to do in the future."

Prema Rani Puganenthran
Class of 2013
Psychology Major

The study of psychology offers the opportunity to learn about the origins and development of human behavior and mental processes and the factors that influence change. Psychology provides a valuable foundation of knowledge important in a wide variety of fields, including human services, business, law, education, communication and health. The program in psychology may also lead to graduate preparation for professional psychology.

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