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Conservation Management

John Maehl

"UIU had a very streamlined process for transferring my credits from Kirkwood to Upper Iowa. It was a very polished process. Also, a great majority of DNR employees in eastern Iowa have degrees from Upper Iowa. These are very successful people who are leaders in conservation management. It just made sense to go to Upper Iowa." 

John Maehl
Class of 1997 and 2003
Conservation Management Major
Supervisor for the northeast district of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Upper Iowa University has a highly respected Conservation Management program. You will experience excellent academic and hands-on preparation for employment in county, state, and federal government conservation agencies as well as non-governmental organizations and with private consultants. You have the option to obtain a Conservation Management degree while at the same time obtaining a minor in biology, earth science, or criminal justice. Or you can choose to work toward accreditation to become nationally certified as an associate wildlife biologist through the Wildlife Society.

At UIU, you are given multiple opportunities to apply the skills that you have gained in the classroom to field internships, community conservation projects, and your own senior research project. Obtaining a Conservation Management degree at Upper Iowa University enables you to pursue various career paths including graduate school, law enforcement, biological and field technician, naturalist, and ranger positions.

Did You Know:

  • Upper Iowa University owns several different prairie sites where students are involved in management by conducting controlled burns, brush control, or seed harvest.
  • Upper Iowa University is one of the few colleges in the country that offers a course in wildlife forensics.
  • Students at Upper Iowa University become involved in community outreach projects to help local landowners and government agencies. Example projects include developing a conservation officer database for Iowa, GPS tracking of animals, developing and digitizing trail systems, and conducting surveys for white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, American woodcock, and native Iowan frogs and toads.
  • Recent students have presented their research at professional societies including the Iowa Academy of Science and the Iowa Chapter of the Wildlife Society.
  • UIU students submit results of their research projects to peer-referred journals for publication.

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