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The English program develops sound technical and creative writing skills. The English major also prepares students for teaching English in the elementary and secondary schools or for pursuing graduate study. In addition, the English major can help provide the skills necessary for careers in print or broadcasting as well as professional disciplines such as law or medicine. Good written communication skills are vitally important for any profession. Literature is also foundational for an understanding of culture. Many students who contemplate professional careers seek an English major or minor. A senior thesis is required in all emphasis areas.

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Traditional English

Traditional English
The traditional English emphasis focuses on literature and criticism with students reading, discussing and analyzing analyze literature from many periods and genres. Students have ample opportunity to interact with faculty members about ideas for scholarship while professors bring their own scholarship to the classroom. Some areas of interest include Irish studies, African-American literature, and adolescent literature.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing
Students can opt for the creative writing track for the English major, combining creative writing curriculum with a foundation in literature coursework. Students work with faculty who are published authors, complete a craft and technique course, and participate in workshops. Completion of this option requires a thesis.

Students of creative writing take the annually recurring "Introduction to Creative Writing," "Craft and Technique of Creative Writing" and two of three advanced workshops (in fiction, poetry and non-fiction writing). A creative writing thesis rounds out the coursework. Students benefit from working closely with faculty who are published authors themselves, and have the chance to submit work for awards through the program's membership in the Associated Writing Programs. A creative writing group is active on campus.

Students may also attend workshops by invited authors and editors during International Authors Day and the Midwestern Literary Project held on campus in fall and spring, respectively, each academic year. Students also have the opportunity to take part in a project-based learning experience writing, editing, publishing and publicizing the UIU literary journal, Volga River Review, featuring the poetry, fiction and non-fiction works of students, faculty, staff and alumni university-wide.

English Secondary Education

English Secondary Education
This emphasis is a pre-professional program to prepare the student to teach English courses at the high school level. Preparation includes both literary review and criticism as well as writing skills. Students must also complete requirements in the Andres School of Education. 

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