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Environmental Science 

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Environmental Science

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With the increasing pressure from the public about air and water pollution, nuclear waste disposal, and global warming, there is an increased need for professionals in Environmental Studies. At UIU, you have the opportunity to make a difference and help our planet through science.

The Environmental Science major is an interdisciplinary program focused around developing an understanding of the Earth as a complex network of interacting natural systems. Built on a strong foundation in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and earth sciences, the Environmental Science major provides flexibility for students as they prepare for a wide range of opportunities including employment in fields such as environmental education, monitoring, management, remediation, or regulation. The major can be individualized as preparation for professional training in law, business or public health, or further study at the graduate level.

Upper Iowa University graduates are currently working for natural-resource employers across Iowa, as well as Illinois, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska.




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