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The Life Science major has two emphases. A general emphasis is designed for students interested in a career in science industry or teaching high school biology, while a plant science emphasis is designed for students seeking a broad background in plant biology.

Students who complete this major have the opportunity to specialize themselves to work effectively in their prospective industries. They have the opportunity to work with faculty from a wide variety of life science backgrounds in life science including several who have worked in industry.

The Life Science major will challenge students to grow as an individual, prepare for their career path, and develop the necessary skills for success as a working science professional.

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General Emphasis

General Emphasis
The Life Science Major General Emphasis is intended for pre-service teachers hoping to teach biological science, those hoping to go into scientific industry, or those who are hoping to specialize their science classes more to suit their specific career needs.

Plant Science Emphasis

Plant Science Emphasis
The Life Science Major Plant Science Emphasis prepares students for plant-based careers like turf grass and golf course management, or students could specialize their courses of study further to prepare for entry into graduate school.

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