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Parents & Guardians: FAQ's


What is the average ACT score at Upper Iowa University?

What is the average GPA at Upper Iowa University?

What is UIU's job placement rate after graduation?
88% according to a survey issued to 2011-12 graduates.

What is the classroom size?
24 student average

Does my student have to declare a major?
No, students who have not yet chosen a major will be considered 'deciding'. It's best to declare a major when a student is at least "pretty sure" they've found a major in which they'll excel and enjoy. Every student at UU must complete 39 credit hours of general education coursework. General education courses provide many benefits but it also gives students some time to decide what is best for them. Each student is assigned an advisor that they will meet with on a consistent basis to guide them down the correct path.

Will my child meet people? 
Of course! Freshmen move in a few days before classes start. During that time, we have a ton of activities that help students meet new people! Also, with all of the organizations on campus, students will have no problem getting involved with things they find interest in and meeting new and returning students.

What is there to do at UIU?
There is so much to do at UIU! Your student can join a club or organization, attend a comedian or musical performance, join an intramural sport, watch an athletic event, or participate in community service. There are also opportunities to attend free movies weekly, go bowling, meet others in the residence halls, and participate in outdoor pursuits activities. If we do not have the opportunity your student is looking for, simply talk to the Director of Student Activities and we can work towards creating more opportunities! College is what you make of it—find your passion, make great connections, and engage in your college experience!

What is the best way to academically prepare for college?
Upper Iowa University strongly encourages future Peacocks to take full advantage of dual credit courses while they are in high school.  For more information on dual credit, please click here

Are professors available to give individual attention to students if requested?
Yes, professors are readily available to provide their students with help. Upper Iowa University has a 14:1 student to faculty ratio which allows professors to really get to know students on a personal basis and work very hard to help students reach success. Each professor is required to have a total of 8 hours per week where students can meet with them in their office.

What are the housing options on campus? 
For information on housing, please click here

Can my student bring a car to college?
All students are allowed to bring cars (even freshman!). If the student plans to park on campus they will be required to purchase a parking permit from the Office of Student Development for $60.

Are there other scholarships offered other than the merit?
Absolutely! Upper Iowa University takes scholarships seriously and strives to provide its students with the most scholarships possible.For more information, please click here



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