Cover of Volga River ReviewTapping into the creativity of Upper Iowa University students, alumni, faculty and staff, the Volga River Review captures their literary efforts through poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

The Volga River Review was created as a project-based learning experience where students on the creative writing track for the English major would have the opportunity to edit, publish and publicize a literary journal.

The community of writers at Upper Iowa University has the satisfaction of sharing their work and seeing it in print.

Truly a collaborative effort, the first edition of the journal in Spring 2013, featured submissions from the UIU community worldwide, as well as the design and cover photo submitted by students featured in the journal.

Contributors for the Spring 2013 issue include Diane Boltz, Helen Chappell, Kate Davis, Autum Gauley, John Grummel, Kristen Hansen, Tyler Harms, Allyson Herkowski, Donye Kuykendall-Burnette, Kathleen Serley, Seeta Mangra-Stubbs, Daniel C. Marvin, Bill Mech, Connie Smith, Melle Starsen, Tiffany Stouffer, Kaitlin Thomas, Skip Afzal, William Kenney, Quentin McReynolds, Susan Arias, Ed Copley, Ricardo Martinez, Jacquie McTaggart and Michael Strydom.

Read the first volume of the Volga River Review online! (opens in new window)

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The UIU Department of Language, Literature and Communication is seeking submissions for the Spring 2014 edition of the Volga River Review. A submission can be 1-3 poems or up to 3,000 words of prose (fiction or creative non-fiction) to with the subject line: VRR 2014.

Volga River Review contributors and editors


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