Student Name: Theresa Kleve
Major: Information Technology

The professors at UIU are highly committed to engaging the students, and also learning from the students, The professors at UIU are encouraging, and bring real life examples into the classroom and discussions. I believe between the quality of learning and the great professors at UIU, this has been the best opportunity for me, to learn new technology, higher learning, and to help in the future for Job explorations.

Student Testimonials

Student Name: Monte Graff
Major: Management
Minor: Information Technology

In my opinion, Dr. Elarde, is one of the best professors on the UIU campus. I say that for several reasons; first, he shows that he genuinely cares for his students. His “student first” attitude is displayed by his never-ending desire to help the information technology students succeed. Secondly, Dr. Elarde’s enthusiasm is extremely contagious. He always greets his classes with a big smile and a robust “Good Morning Students”. Another reason is his vast knowledge of the subjects he teaches. His methods for communicating a deep, technical topic are outstanding and he is always willing to take the time to explain a complicated process. His philosophy of “No student left behind” is proof that he understands the teaching skills necessary to ensure every student comprehends the topic at hand and is willing to adopt a different approach if needed. Dr. Elarde is a true inspiration as a professor, mentor, and above all, a great man.