Dr. McCarville at the paleontology dig site where the Tarkio Valley Ground Sloth (and two juvenile sloths!) are being excavated by a team from the University of Iowa led by Professor Holmes Semken and David Brenzel of the Museum of Natural History. Photo courtesy of Feather Lacy.

Katherine McCarville, PhD
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Upper Iowa University
P.O. Box 1857
Fayette, Iowa 52142
Office: Baker-Hebron Hall 12
Lab: Baker-Hebron Hall 21
563-425-5233; mccarvillek@uiu.edu

McCarville joined the UIU faculty in 2005. She teaches courses in geosciences, as well as a section of the first-year seminar class, and coordinates the B.s. Environmental Science program. Her career has followed a non-traditional path that included a previous life in computing and networking technology and support.

McCarville's research and professional interests include developing student research projects in areas of interest to the local community, the study of effective strategies for teaching and learning, and avian paleontology. One of her current projects is a study of the biogeography of swans. To date, her research has involved a fairly substantive literature review, as well as preliminary data from examination of fossil swan material at Hagerman Fossil Beds in Idaho and the University of California Museum of Paleontology at Berkeley.

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